New to SCI studio, have question

DJNightshade420 Hello, i just started using SCI Studio... I thought i was going to have to write my own interpreter for sci0, i'm glad i found this, it'll save me a crap load of time. My question is, is there any way to add a fight (combat) interpreter to this engine? Or has anyone attempted to add a combat interpreter to the source code? Just looking for some feedback on this subject, any help/comments very much appriciated.
I'm probably looking for something similar to qfg1's fight engine, but i have no clue yet.
AGI1122 It isn't a fight engine or a fight interpreter, it is all code written in the SCI programming language.

It is all basic SCI programming, I recommend reading the tutorial, because some of the stuff discussed in there can be helpfull in making it(moving views and changing rooms is the parts that you will need to know most).

Anyway good luck.