Refresh Game

rwfromxenon I have made my first game in a while.
It is called "Test Quest"
It's just a short one, and it has all the basic elements of an AGI game.
If you find any bugs, please tell me ;D

Get it Here Yet another game that uses the Police Quest hotel room ;)
I got all the points! ;D
rwfromxenon Heheh
Sidrious play I found a bug.

I was getting in the bethroom (first room of test quest),

then the screen shakes and I get a point,

but then I can't move anymore!
Sidrious play Now I know why!

If I go to the bethroom (so that I can see me),

then get a little up,

and then go right,

the character is unable to step right,

because of the wall.

Thats the bug.
Sidrious play In second room if I touch the wall on the upper side,

it will teleport me in first room.

When I touch the under wall it teleports me in

same room, but only in the upper side of room.

Second bug??
rwfromxenon Stop complaining :P

I didn't want to spend too much time linking the rooms together as the game only took about 2hrs to make.
Joey you have never made an agi game before allen? i htought you did.
rwfromxenon hehehe not any full ones.