Choosing a character

rwfromxenon Ok, Having a bit of trouble with this.
How would I go about creating an option for starting as a certain character? What I mean is, the end user will be able to choose the character he/she wishes. Kinda like QFG style.
HOW DO I DO THIS :o ??? :o
rwfromxenon I could perhaps create a screen, have each side represent a different character and then have the Eu move an arrow into the side they choose? I'd rather see a flashing rectangle around the selected character and maybe even let that character do some stupid moves (like when you're selecting a character in Diablo II, make them swing a sword, do some air-fighting or just let them cross their arms or something) while the others remain still. Pressing an arrow will move the rectangle to the next/previous character. That's how I'd do it anyway.
rwfromxenon Ok, thanks
I'll try that.
Kon-Tiki Reserve some flags for each choice and put the flag in the section of logic 0 that handles the ego. Make it check which flag's set and load and set a view according to that.

Oh, I also like the rectangle-idea better. Kinda like QfG. It would be how I'd do it too anyways.

Joel in most cases, it would be more efficient to use a var for this purpose unless you've only got two choices...just define some symbolic constants like:

#define vCharType v100
#define CHAR_TYPE_1 0
#define CHAR_TYPE_2 1
#define CHAR_TYPE_3 2

otherwise you can eat up several of your flags on something that could be easily represented more compactly in terms of AGI resources
anonymous OR the pictures could be black n white and then appear in color when selected

try to choose something that matches the atmosphere and mood of the game.