Dominique Hello :-)

i've downloaded the AGI Emulator "Sarien" for Mac OS X. I own the regular game files from some old Sierra Online Games (from the Amiga, i copied them to the Mac OS X Amiga-Emulator "MaxUAE")

so, my question is:

I've never found a simple manual or a user-guide HOW TO USE Sarin! I've searched all over the sites i found, but nowhere was a guide how to USE Sarin, eg. a AGI Emulator. Can someone help me?
Dominique I mean the basic stuff:

* how to "load" a game?
* how to "start" a game?

and: how many files should "Sarien" have usually? I only have the executable app and a sarien.conf file (which should be in /etc/). In this file i found entries for my games compatible with Amiga. Are they able to run in Sarien?