Custom Inventory

Lightfoot Has anyone done this yet?
Pikachu14 What does "Custom" mean in this case? Different interface or the inventory items themselves?
Brian_Provinciano The SCI interpreter doesn't exactly have "adventure game" capabilities built in. 95% of the game is the class system (scripts). All the SCI engine does is provide a virtual CPU, graphic, sound, windowing, input and list management. All of the rest of the stuff, eg. ego, dialog boxes, what keys are hit, the inventory, displaying the inventory, actors, rooms, etc. are all in the scripts.

That being said, since the interpreter doesn't actually handle inventory, the scripts do, the current inventory system could be classified as "custom". That being the case, you could easily modify it to your liking provided you have the ability to code scripts.

Almost anything you desire for your game can be done by modifying the class system scripts.
Lightfoot Thanks Brian.

I have managed to customize the inventory. Now it displays DICon's instead of DText and when you click the arrow cursor on an icon it changes the cursor to that icon's cursor, and when you click the eye on it, it displays the "desciption" part of the InvI instance.

It's a lot like kq5 and up.
Lightfoot Now all that's left is to modify the MenuBar to be like later King's Quest games.
Pikachu14 Congratulations, Lightfoot!
Lightfoot Thank you Pikachu 8)

I made the custom MenuBar and the options screen.

My problem now is this the options dialog unlike the rest will not close properly.

I use (send hDialog:dispose()) and it works but the game crashes after that. I used Sierra's debugger, and it appeared to close ok, but it was after it closed that it would crash.

I don't understand at all why it's not working, the other 2 dialogs that I made identically the MenuBar and the Inventory close without failure.

I have been banging my head into the wall over this one for a week now, and I am just about fed up with it. Problem is I can't go on to play test other parts of the game if I can't use the options menu.