problem with cycling

Robin_Gravel Hi.

Here's my problem:

I want to cycling the view from the last cel to the 0 cel.

init(15 cdBACKWARD)
(instance teing of Act
x 93
y 130
view 26
//loop 15

The actor shows in the game at the first cel and begin
to cycle from the last cel to the first cel.

How I can showing the view from its last cel, not the first cel?

Thanks in advance.

Robin Gravel
Lightfoot Would SetCel() work?
Robin_Gravel Thanks Lightfoot

It works.

Robin Gravel
Lightfoot No problem. 8)
Robin_Gravel My intro is still not finished yet.

Once the cycle is finished, this person should say "I'm back!" but I don't know how.

I tried

(method (cycleDone)
Print("I'm back!")

but nothing happens.

Robin Gravel
Lightfoot Create a Script to handle it

(instance MyScript of Script
(method(changeState newState)
= state NewState
(case 0
(send gEgo:setCycle(Fwd))
//set number of cycles to wait before next state//
= cycles 10 //10 = number of cels in loop//
(case 1
Print("I'm Back!")

Then when you want to activate the script, say in your initialization code.


There may be a better way, but I am sure this works.
Robin_Gravel Thanks again.

My intro works.

Robin Gravel
Lightfoot No problem again 8)

But now I am going home, no internet at home.

Cya tomorrow.