Operation: Moon Light!!!

Sidrious play I starded a new game! :D

It called Operation: Moon Light.

Here I got first screenshots.

Please rate them, thx!

Oliver What? Where?
I can't find any screenshots ??? :(
Sidrious play [attachment deleted by admin]
Sidrious play Plz don't rate so hard, the file was to big to let it
in original size! :(

Kon-Tiki I truly like that first pic. It looks professional. The other one looks like a certain Space Quest-pic, so that's ok too (although you forgot one pixel on the left side of the roof ;D )


Ps: Have you been reading my tutorial? Judging from the first pic, you have, or you have some academical drawing skills.
Eero R They are great pictures and I truly mean that! I'm sure that the game is great when released. ;)

And next time you put pictures into forum, consider to do so that they are not so blurry. Best solution is converting them into GIF format.
Sidrious play *luckybeen* :D

Wow! Thx for your screensrating!

@Kon-Tiki: I didn't forgot any pixel?!
And can you tell me where to find
your tutorial?

@Eero R
Eero R PNG is good too, but GIF is the best format for sending AGI/SCI-screenshots.
Sidrious play I don't have anything to draw GIF's.
I wanted to copy a PNG and insert
my screenshot.
Can you post a GIF picture in this
Any picture, like a screenshot of your
game. :D
Kon-Tiki You can find that tutorial in the tutorial-section of my site. There needs to be changed one thing in, though. The viewpoint's ALWAYS on the horizon (thanks, Joker :) )

Sidrious play Thanks Kon-Tiki!
Sidrious play HEEEEELPPPP!!!! :-
Kon-Tiki Is the game still running while hitting f10?

Sidrious play Yes, but then a text will come and i can't press enter.
Kon-Tiki There's y'r problem. It's reading the files while the game runs and can't write on them. First, close the game. Then edit it.

Sidrious play Will try it.

Problem done!!
Eero R [attachment deleted by admin]
Sidrious play Thanks!
Sidrious play Hi!

Can someone help me please?!

Can someone tell me how to add items in room?

How to let them there (like a sofa)?

How to pick them up?

Erase it from screen when pick up?

Animate objects...stop, wait!
Thats wokrin'?

I got a few of problems whit stuck up and like that,
so please, help me!!


Infos about my game: I try to make the rooms and
the title look better.
So I starded to draw all
pics new...better!
Now I saw that my first room
looks a little borring (title
too...a little).
That's the info I got 'bout ma game
Kon-Tiki Putting objects in room (in this case an item, it'll be easier to code the picking up then ;) )

f5 { // Sets the start of the room,
// only loads once
etc etc

if(!has("sofa")) { // Checks if sofa is in inventory
animate.obj(o1); // o1 is here the carryable sofa :o
load.view(2); // Loads the view of the sofa
set.view(o1,2); // Connects the sofa to it's view
position(o1, 50, 90); // Places the sofa on coordinates
//(x = 50, y = 90)
draw(o1); // Draws the sofa
} // Closes this piece of code
etc etc // rest of initialising code
} // From here on, the code that keeps //on loading starts.

Now, to pick the sofa up (this comes after the last code, in the section that loads every interpreter cycle)

if(said("take","sofa")) {
if(!has("sofa")) {
print("You huff and you puff and you take the sofa.");
get.obj("sofa"); // Puts the sofa in the inventory
erase(o1); // Removes the sofa-view
else {
print("You already have that.");

Sidrious play I did that, but it stuck! >:(
Kon-Tiki Is the object in the object file (so have you made the object with the object editor and saved it?)
If that's not it, please say where it's stuck.

Sidrious play Now it doesn't stuck anymore, I fixed it.

But if I say: "get (object)", it says:

You already have it.
Sidrious play
if(said("take","sofa")) {
if(!has("sofa")) {
print("You huff and you puff and you take the sofa.");
get.obj("sofa"); // Puts the sofa in the inventory
erase(o1); // Removes the sofa-view
else {
print("You already have that.");

You told me to do get.obj, it won't work.
It is get("object");, but that wasn't my prob.
It doesn't work anyway! :(
Kon-Tiki Try adjusting the room in the object editor to the room the object should be in.

Sidrious play Ok.
Sidrious play It work, but not so well I want to. :(

Now if I get the object, it will give me all objects

I created. >:(
Kon-Tiki Can you send me a sample of the game? I'll look it up and fix it for you.

Sidrious play Ok.
Kon-Tiki Done and done. You should have the fixed version in your mail now.

Sidrious play Thanks man!
Sidrious play There's no E-Mail of you here?
Kon-Tiki Sorry 'bout that. Seems like I have typed a 'g' behind your mail adress and got a delivery failed-message. Retook the message and sent it again (to top it off, forgot to remove the second signature ::) )
Anyway, now you should have it.

Sidrious play Ok. Thanks! All Ok! ;D