Xqzzy Rcxmcq I'm writing a new AGI game! :D
It's called "Deadline"
A whole heck of a lot about the story and plot at my website:

(Yeah, Geocities, but it was free and I didn't want to clear out space on my server for the Deadline web page.)

Joey seem pretty cool. did you just start working on it now?
Zonkie That sounds very interesting, but is the story that you have on your webpage what the plaqyer will experience in the game, or is that only like the "intro"? It sounds very exciting, but maybe it is better not to tell so much about it but leave more to the player to find out, although I'm sure that there are many surprises and twists in the story that you didn't write down there ;). Will you publish a demo or screenshots soon?
Kon-Tiki Sounds like a good, action-packed story. Let's hope it stays as promising, or even better: that it lives up to the hopes really fast ;D

Xqzzy Rcxmcq Well, that's just the back story and some things the player will experience in the game. Yes, I just now did start working on it now. It's going really well and I hope it's commerical quality. And yes, look for screenshots tonight. I hope. There's still lots of plot twists and surprises and scary stuff in it. Just not yet. I'm programming the first part of the game in AGI.