Best way of making Pics

Sp4hn What is the easiest/most efficient way of making pics. I dislike using the piceditor built into scistudio. Also, is there anyway to put a picture on a seperate layer then trace over it? Being able to save photoshop images as sci pics would be wonderful t :o :o!!!!
Eigen What's wrong with SCI Studio piceditor? Except that it crashes sometimes but if you're saving often then there's no problem. :D I think that piceditor is the easiest/most efficient way to draw pictures.

aaronix Adobe photoshop is raster based (bitmaps - slicing a pixel into bits),
but SCIPro picEditor is based on vector mapping (x,y coordinates - mathematic objects) - this is for a couple reasons:

1) tighter file size compression when compiling lines of code versus image compression.

2) SCI can define complex actions based on x,y mapping (IE - ego is in front of x,y but not behind x2,y2)

While photoshop has the awesome ability to work in multiple layers (which can contain several unique effects and manipulation, then blend seemlessly with final image), SCI wouldn't have any way of defining parameters based on Adobe layer attributes.... These two programs simply can't "talk" to each other....
More than likely similar to having Adobe Illustrator "talk" to Photoshop. You can't work on a bitmap in Illustrator unless it's physically textured or mapped onto a specific object that's pre-defined as a vector. Likewise, you can import vector objects from Illustrator into Photoshop, but you can't manipulate masking and effects techniques on the vector objects that are imported.

Kindof a bummer, but maybe this wouldn't be the case with the upcoming VGA version, since this would include complex gradient and shading techniques that more than likely require layering effects?

Brian_Provinciano So many people new to AGI and SCI development highly dislike the picture editors. Most people are used to bitmapped picture editing and find vector drawing to be a pain. Believe me (the author of SCI Studio), it's not my fault they are the picture editors are not as good as photoshop, heh. Since AGI and SCI use vectored images, it wouldn't be possible to efficiently have the ability to do things like copy and paste, use things like smudge tool, warp, antialias, etc. SCI0 just supports lines, fills and pen drawing (circles/squares). Without hacking the interpreter (which wouldn't keep it authentic), it wouldn't be possible to have bitmapped pictures.
Lightfoot Ok, but I made a bmp in GIMP's Gfig renderer and filled it in with textures. Then converted it to the 16 color palette. I then used graphics studios bmp to pic converter and it came out black.

It would be really nice to be able to convert the bitmaps, I didn't do anything fancy to it like smudging. Just lines and texture fills.
aaronix Hey - while we're on this topic -
I have a question:

Is there an eraser tool in picEditor? I drew this neat picture, and wanted to modify a small area, but couldn't erase, so I ended up pixel drawing all the points in the default template color... Is there a more efficient method for erasing an area?

Sp4hn Well it would be atleast nice if you could hold down the pen tool! ;D ;D :o 8)
RJD I have the EGA version of Space Quest 5 and am wondering if I could take some of the pics/views from that.