Sp4hn If anybody wants to begin an SCI project with me, my aim screenname is Sp4hn and my email is
Sp4hn Come on, somebody team up with me to make an SCI game. I am now pretty good at SCI programming. If anybody is already working on a game and would like some help, I'm your man! :o
Eigen I could team up with you. But what kind of help do you need. ;)

Sp4hn Pic editor would be nice. I need an idea for a game. I want it to in the end be nice and be long enough to play for more than 5 minutes.
Eigen I could draw pictures. Mail me some description and I'll send you the examples. :D
My mail is

Sp4hn well before I get any pictures I need a game idea :P
aaronix I'm definately not up to par yet with you guys on SCI, but I'm getting there very quickly!

I just discovered SCIPro in December, but have been pouring over the Tutorial. So far, Im stuck with the compile error of 2.14, but waiting for Brian to make a patch....

Okay - so with that aside: I had this idea for a game called "They Live!" (inspired by the scariest gaming moment in my life - which was Kings Quest 4, where the princess is going to the haunted house at night, and the zombie jumps out at her from the bushes near the door. Scared the CRAP out of me!!!)

It's a take off from George Romero's classic's Night of the Living Dead, and Dawn of the Dead where you're stuck in a big city and the Dead walk the earth once more (not REALLY stealing his story material, but a true compliment to his work in the series).. Quick overview of the story: You've got to make your way to a helicopter (perched on top of a building somewhere) and find a safe spot to hole up in for awhile. It will need to be fortified to keep those brain eating flesh munchers out. In the process of the story, I was thinking it would be pretty cool to have the ego character happen upon scenes used in the movies - for instance, while searching for a helicopter in the city, he just misses his chance to hop aboard the chopper that shuttled the news team and 2 cops to the mall in Dawn of the Dead, so he'll get to wander thru the news building. Also, at some point in the story, thought it would be cool if he came upon the original house from Night of the Living Dead, or the mall from Dawn of the Dead.

The story would open with ego trapped in the basement of a building with other employees. They are trying to secure a door to keep the brain munchers out (who just so happen to be on the other side of the door). While the barrackade has held thus far, it won't hold for long, and the tension is mounting as there's not nearly enough food for all the people trapped, and the radio doesn't sound encouraging. Ego must move a crate to help secure the door. In so doing, he finds an air conditioning vent with grate. He must figure out a way to get that grate off in a specific amount of time before the brain munchers break thru the door and start eating his trapped buddies. Of course, ego will JUST barely make it out alive and find himself in a complex network of shafts and tunnels until he finds his way out of the building and into the story content...

I'm a published author (see link to my website under my icon image), so writing the material wouldn't be too much trouble, and I take criticism well, so Im pretty easy going when it comes to rewrites and modifications... also, I'm a graphic/interface designer by professional trade in the Internet industry (Im sortof an authority on web design, having appeared on TechTV show Call for Help to discuss web design methodologies), so I could help with story-driven graphics using the picEditor as well, or I could create mockups in Adobe Photoshop as .gif or .jpg and send the concepts to you and Eigen for final design work in picEditor...

I could also provide layout schematics of anticipated ego actions. For instance: If ego performs action then result should be, yada yada.....

Since Im not fluent with the programming of SCI, or 100% knowledged on the do and dont's of picEditor - this could be the perfect blended game team between you, me, and Eigen....

Any interest?


aaronix [attachment deleted by admin]
Pikachu14 Hey now THAT looks nice!
Brian_Provinciano Your picture looks outstanding! With your talent, I really really want to see you make a full game! It would be a great gift to the SCI community, and adventure gamers! I will have 2.15 done soon.
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Lightfoot My pictures suck. I'll show them to you one day.
aaronix Eigen took my image and added some neat lighting effects. The size proportions are probably better in his version as well. I never took into account the actual size of ego in this picture, so when I ran a test with ego against the backdrop, he was SUPER SMALL compared to my elevator. In fact, he couldn't even reach the buttons! :o


I think the two of us could definately handle the graphics of this game concept....

Now we just need a coder that's WAY more familiar with SCI functions and routines than I am!

aaronix [attachment deleted by admin]
Sp4hn agreed, is very cool especially how those building in the window dont look like they are falling over

well I could code for you if you'd like, i understand sci pretty well and it would be a good learning experience for me! just give me an outline of what you would like done
Sp4hn I could also make a website if one is needed.


(my web design company that i cant get started heh)
aaronix Perfect! Sounds like we've got a crew together now to handle this game...

Let's go ahead and take this off-line now.
I'll send you and Eigen an email later this evening (from Los Angeles California - not sure whether that's exactly evening for you guys as well...) to kick start this thing,
then I think that between the three of us - we can really come up with a solid and fun adventure game....

Lightfoot If you guys need any extra assistance in the programming let me know. I think I have a good grasp on this language now.
aaronix Awesome Lightfoot! Thanks!!!! :D

I've added you to our crew email postings that have just begun to circulate off-line.... I'll be sending you the first chapter of the storyline this evening from home as well. I think you're in San Fransisco judging by your email address (I was just in Pleasanton with friends and family for the holidays - beautiful place, but LOTS of RAIN!!!), so my evening time (PST) should be your evening time....

There are four of us now on this project...

IT'S GONNA KICK SOME SERIOUS BUTT with the talent that we're now armed with.....

Lightfoot I am in Ontario actually. 8)

I'll do what I can.
aaronix Ontario?! Hey, now that's a far cry from California...
Sorry about that...
your email is

so I thought sf was short for san fransisco
and ca was short for california... oops!

that's right.... is short for canada... DOH! ::)