Move.obj.v issues

Randy Hello all.

Again I require your assistance. I have used the "move.obj" command quite a bit and have gotten rather familiar with it. However, I have certain elements of my game where I want to be able to randomly place objects on the right side of the screen (where the vertical position is a randomly generated number). I use the "random" & "position.v" commands for that. I then use the "move.obj.v" command to move the object from the right side to the left side of the screen along a horizontal-only path using the same random value that was used in positioning the object. That all works fine except that the stepsize does not seem to be working properly. Instead of slowly moving at a stepsize of 1 or 2, the object wizzes by at what appears to be a stepsize of 32. No matter what number I put for the stepsize, the object always wizzes by very fast.

Have any of you experienced this problem I have been having using the "move.obj.v" command? If you know of any solution or have any thoughts, please let me know.

sonneveld there's a bug in the compiler used in agi studio. The stepsize is actually expecting a variable. so if you put in a stepsize of 1 or 2 it will read from variable 1 or 2 (you're probably in room 32 or something right?)

So treat it as if you're putting in a variable.. but don't put the v in front.

- Nick
Randy Hey thanks Nick, that worked.

I thought maybe it was expecting a variable, since the x & y values were variables, but when I used the standard "v" to indicate a variable for stepsize, it returned an error.

Is there a list someone made up somewhere of all the subtle little bugs in AGI Studio like this one?
sonneveld I only just encountered it the other day trying to help somebody else on the agi chat. However, there is the agi studio forum where most bugs get posted. Might help to add that one too. :)

- Nick