Room Changes

Lightfoot I am pretty sure I am handling my room changes properly. But when I go to my second room, I can't change rooms anymore without it crashing. I can't go back to the first room, or go to any other adjacent rooms.

That's using either gEgo:OnControl or the North, east, south, west params.
Lightfoot The other thing is that in my first room, the OnControl GREEN is suppose to change to the second. But it doesn't, it lags when ego passes over it, but the room doesn't change.
Lightfoot This still doesn't work.
Eigen Game edges should work when you open ,scroll down to (class Ego of Act and make those changes:

(class Ego of Act


Lightfoot The trigger works for the screen edge, but it doesn't change rooms, it just freezes.

It doesn't matter what I set the start room or the second room to. I can only go to the second room then it freezes from there. even if I try to go back to the first room.

The OnControl doesn't work for the first room.
Eigen Which SCI Studio version do you use?

Lightfoot I beat it...

I increased the size of the control in room 1


redrew room 2 the pic was gacked.
Lightfoot Weird just changing the picture file fixed the room change problem.

I never would have guessed, except it was the only thing I didn't try.