I'm So Clueless

Razrbl8dktn I recently bought King's Quest 5 off of Ebay in CD-Rom version. All of this SCI stuff and libraries gets confusing for me, so basically all I know is that I need an SCI emulator for SCI1. I don't think FreeSCI supports SCI1, but is there anything that does? If not, is anyone working on one? Just curious. I'm kinda eager to beat the game that kicked my butt when I was little. ;D
Razrbl8dkitn Thanks for the quick response. You guys helped a lot with answering my questions. ;)
Lightfoot I just finnished KQ5/6 but I didn't need any emulators.
Razrbl8dkitn Nobody's helping. :'(

The game says I need new drivers or something. Pnpdrvr.drv maybe? No clue, but remember searching for it. I'm not exactly sure what KQ5 runs on but I think it's SCI1, and I don't know how to run SCI1 games. If anyone can help, please do. And speak English if you can. ;)
Mokalus_of_Borg AFAIK there are no emulators which currently support SCI1, so you'll have to do your best getting the old interpreter to work.
If you're able to give some more specific details of any error messages, that would be helpful.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - And perhaps your computer and OS specs, too.
PPS - You could wait for FreeSCI to support SCI1, but it could be a while.