Christmas present.

Kon-Tiki Yeah yeah, it's one day too late, but that doesn't matter. Here's a belated Christmas present called Jiggy Jiggy Uh! Uh! It's a small game I made to test some things out, so don't expect a big game. It should be completely bugfree, but if you find one, feel free to report it.

Zonkie Hehe, I like this ;Dne ! Especially the rhymes, it sounds so funny and really creates a funny athmosphere ::). Are you planning on making any more games "in the series" ?
Oliver It's a strange game :o .
The first picture is a little colorful so I didn't understand what is what.
Besides that it's Ok ;)
Kon-Tiki [attachment deleted by admin]
smartguy240 Yeah...that so sucks...i cant get into the server you think Pirre closed it down???
Kon-Tiki Ok, it's back up again.