RJD Merry Christmas! There are two things I want to ask you guys: One, Can I can make extra loops now, or do I have to wait for VGA? Also, I made a present for my brother in one week. It was a game of our house, and you had to find presents. Want me to give to you guys? I spent a minimum of 18 hours on it! :o
Zonkie I'm sorry I can't answer your question, but your other game sounds really cool! A kind of christmas simulation ;D. That would be really cool if you could make it available for download somewhere (but only if your brother doesn't mind many other people sharing his present).
Brian_Provinciano You can have as many different positions such as standing still, or even the ego scratching his head every few seconds--just modify the class system.
RJD Thanks alot Brian!
The Ultimo That game sounds cool. 8)

But, if it was a present for your brother, then I don't think you should give it out unless he wouldn't mind. ;)

And by the way, how is your SQ game going?

- Ultimo
RJD Its going ok. My Star Wars one is doing much better. I have company for a week and won't be able to come often. >:( Expect a very cool Star Wars demo soon!
The Ultimo Cool. 8)

I'm now working on two versions of my bounty hunter game. One still in SCI, which will be more text oriented with more commands and one in AGS, with better graphics, sound and a mouse interface.

You should check out the new pics of the ship on my site. and go into the screenshots section.

Soon, the Bounty Hunter Wars will begin... RJD Vs The Ultimo ;D (if it's still Boba or Jango ???)

- Ultimo