SCI1 - Translate

hlges Hi, I'm brazilian and have a little "quest". ;D

I want to translate the Gabriel Knight 1 - Sins of the Fathers game.

How can i do it? Which programs should i use?

Please, I really need help.
Rodrigo Hi there! I'm Argentinean and I can tell you what programs do you need. I've make a patch for GK1 CD to make it in spanish. Anyway use this: 1
hlges Thanxs, but I lost you in the middle of it :-
hlges I find the SCIResDump program, but I do think i have a problem:

When I try to dump data from the .map file, specifying the volume (resource.000), it crashes with an error message:
. . . PKWDCLUnp: Strange FlexFlag

PKWDCLUnp: Strange dictionary size

I can't dump data! ???

Please, help.