Voodoo Girl Complete

Andrew_Baker I have just finished Voodoo Girl and uploaded it to my account. It is currently available in the Downloads section.

My site is http://voodoogirl.cjb.net (or if you have trouble with that link try http://www.angelfire.com/games4/failrate).

I'll be updating my site after the holidays to approach a broader market (IE, people who want free games who aren't familiar with AGI), but the downloads section should work without any problems.

I'm offering two different dl's, VG with source, and VG without source. The package containing source should be useful for those of you who haven't started a project yet and want to learn from my achievements and MISTAKES and don't want to hunt down the meanings of flags and vars. Picture files are also included (but remember that while I've open sourced my code, I still maintain a copyright on all of the graphic, sound, and story material ;)) if you are having trouble with Picedit.

Most of all, I'd like to thank everyone on this board. You've all been a source of help and inspiration. I really couldn't have done it without you... I wouldn't have even known where to begin. So, everyone give yourself a big high-five!

My future plans are staying away from the computer, reading, visiting my family, sleeping regularly, lowering my caffeine intake, working on VG2 in Java, enrolling in the Bachelor's Computer Science program at my university, getting a job, and probably collapsing from stress and fatigue.

I'll still nose around here for quite a while, so I can provide help to the newer developers and hang out with people I've come to consider my friends. Plus, I think I owe some people some work :D

I can't think of anything else to say, other than, "Finally."
Allen Barrett All right Andrew!
I know how long you've been making VG, and how you started to crack up when you had those 'difficulties' in the quiz.

Unfortunatley, MC is still frozen :(.

I'm happy for ya, dude.


smartguy240 Way to go man! Go live that life of yours! ;D

VG is looking good man! ;)
sonneveld I guess the picture countdown is complete. Downloading now and can't wait to play right through.

Good luck with Java VDG2. There's a general programming section now, so you don't need to be too far away.

- Nick
sonneveld I believe the source version may be corrupt. I tried downloading it twice but it may just be because a proxy server kept the same corrupt version.

- Nick
Andrew_Baker Hmmm, I had the same problem when I downloaded it to my Mac... I'll try reuploading it.
gpm Congratulations!

And good luck to you at ISU! :-) (I'm assuming you're going to Illinois State)
Kon-Tiki Joepiejeewatzijnwijblij! Let's try and play this baby through without saving even once ;D

failrate Well, Raf, it takes me about 1 hour 30 minutes to play through the game beginning to end, and I know what all the puzzle solutions are :D
Sami_Tervo Cool.
Kon-Tiki Uhhm, Andrew, I found some more bugs. I'll send the list over when I finish the game.

Nailhead *takes off his invisibility cloak*

What's up?

Wow! You're done! I'm downloading now. 8)