Very wierd problem.

Joey Today, I was working on my Science Project (the AGI one). I converted a .bmp file to an agi pic resource, with vector. i added it in agi studio. (that problem is gone now, the one i said happened were it said to go in full screen mode. it was actually just the picture.) so anyway, i went into logic 000. i wanted to get rid of some menu items, since they would be useless. i got rid of the debug stuff, then compiled and ran the program. there were brown lines all over the intro pic (the vector one). some times it would be brown lines all over, sometimes they would be in a different spot. it just drew some lines, and messed up the picture on me. how come, and how can i fix this? i dont need the see object and crap, cause this is just a movie, not a game.
jelleghys I had that problem too once... (my picture was all messed up with strange colors and stuff). I think it was some memory problem...

Do you know exactly what you have removed?
Joey no. i just removed some different things different times, so if i removed something from the debug i beleive, it messed up like that. i did get rid of all the debug code once, but then i got an error saying not enough memory when i ran the program. i dont know what do. :-\

i may try the older version of agi studio to make this thing, since it doesnt have the debug menu already in that logic file. that may fix it. ill try tomorrow.
jelleghys If I were you Joey, I started all over... And try to remember what you delete... ;)
Joey well, i barely even started, but im gonna start all over on peter kelly's version, and see if that fixes it. maybe its a bug in nailheads agi studio.
Joel Keep in mind that AGI Studio and the template game are two different things. You could base a game off Peter Kelly's latest template game and still use Nailhead's AGI Studio for all your work.
Mokalus_of_Borg I've seen some problems like that before. Usually it means that there isn't an end-of-picture character (0xFF) at the end of the file. AGI keeps reading memory and treating it like drawing instructions until it reaches that character, wherever it might be found.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - It might also mean that one of the last instructions is too short or too long.
PPS - That would make the interpreter miss the end-of-pic character.
Darth Greaser Make sure the 16 colors you use in you bitmap aer close to the AGI pallette or weird colors may occur.
Joey ok thanks. i think ill either try drawing all the pics, or just make a model with something else. like styraphome balls.
Zonkie Maybe it will solve the problems if you just opened one of the pictures Vector created in PicEdit and did one more minor step, so that PicEdit would make the file work and add that file-end? I'm not sure about how PicEdit works, this was just a thought.
Kon-Tiki Let's see... I had that problem once too. It was because I wanted to load graphics while using a command that didn't support it (calling another logic that draws a new pic and new views). It'll probably be such a thing. It could also be Vector-related, but I don't know anything about Vector. I can take a look at the pic in Picedit and see if there's anything wrong there or look for the bug in your code if you want. Most of the time, those big bugs are made by tiny errors the actual programmer overlooks.
Anyway, this's far better than making your project out of some balls. That's been done millions of times. Don't give up on this because of one bug.