Full Screen Mode problem

Joey I used Vector to convert a .bmp file into an AGI pic file. i added it in the movie. when i click run, it opens the movie (game) in a window. i can see the vector pic, but its in a window, and i get an error saying it needs to be in full screen blah blah blah. if i hit alt enter nothing happens. if i hit properties in the window thing, i make it so it will always open in full screen mode. when i run it, it doesnt and does the window again. when i go into properties, it is selected as window for some reason, after i just changed it.

how can i fix this problem?
jrfritz Make a .pif short cut and compile the program and then use the shortcut to run it.
Joey ok tom. ill try that. thanks.
Andrew_Baker You didn't mention which interpreter you were using, either. I've had problems sometimes (when another sound device is using the sound card) that will be evidenced by getting a similar error message and the window closing. But, the classic interpreter (which is the one I used and I'm assuming you used) was still running. The taskbar even had the interpreter process. When I clicked it, it opened and ran normally, except there was no sound.
Joey yah i was using the old one. im gonan try what tom said sometime today.