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Lightfoot Hey guys, I am new, I went through the SCI tutorial and made basically what it said to.

Now I am on to making my own game. First I want to have my own title background. I created it in paintshop as a bitmap and I want to convert it to pic or import it.

Any suggestions?
Lightfoot I don't get it, I paste it as a "trace image" it displays it, but when I save the image it doesn't actually change anything. If I reload the image it's completely blank.
Lightfoot :-\
Robin_Gravel Once you paste your image to sci picture editor, you have to retrace each line using picture tools.

Myself I prefert making backgrounds from scratch.

Robin Gravel
Patrik Exactly. A tracing image is exactly what the name says, an image from which you'll have to "redraw" it. You might wonder why, well it is because SCI uses a different picture format from your bitmap. I don't know exactly what's different between them (there certainly are people on this board who DO know it better than me), but as you can see SCI Studio remembers every line or switch of colour you do. It also supports dithering of colours (simulating more colours than you are actually using). This results in a compressed image, I'm not sure but a guess it is called a vector image. Like I said, I'm definitely no expert so if I'm talking loads of crap please correct me. I recall to have seen some conversion tool from BMP to SCI pic but I guess it won't work entirely satisfying. The way to go is to PAINT your pic in Brian's editor!! That's my advice. Good luck.
mr-t Bitmap is raster. It draws things pixel by pixel, but can't scale. Bitmap is better for things that don't require scaling like photos.

Vector, which is what SCI uses, doesn't draw pixels, but stores what you draw as mathematical data. Vector is good for scaling as when the scaling occurs, it just changes the corresponding instructions. Vector is best for drawings, as it takes up alot less space.
Lightfoot Thanks guys, I end up tracing it in the end, but if you don't do it right the first time, you can't re-fill an area you have already filled.

Tracing a black portion of an image in black is not easy either, hehe. So I guess the trick is to have a negative trace image.

Well I got it done anyway, after several hours of pixel by pixel tracing.

Now the view editors giving me a rash.
The Ultimo You should do your Views in SCI Graphic Studio. I had problems with the editor that was built in and most people said that GS is better. As they views won't screw up while your doing them.

The link should be at Brians site.

- Ultimo
AGI1122 Ultimo, does the editor bug still exist in the new version that was just released?

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