Band Quest Demo ready!!!

Eigen Just finished second Band Quest demo. ;) Play it right away! :D You can download it at

Robin_Gravel I'll try it out too.

Robin Gravel
Robin_Gravel This game is funny.

Robin Gravel
Joey didnt you already finish a demo?

ill check it out sometime soon.
smartguy240 When PQAGI is done... i am going to do a Marching Band Madness game that will be awesome...but 1st i have to finish PQAGI....grr...not much progress...alothough...ill probabally put a demo on chris's site when it gets re updated
Joey wrote:

didnt you already finish a demo?

Yes. I finished it. I like the demo's end.

Robin Gravel
Eigen So what are your opinions about the game? ;) Anyway I'll release the last demo before the full version in January or at the beginning of February. Mabye even before that. So write comments.

Go and download the game if you haven't download it yet.

smartguy240 I cant get it to comes up and i have NO mouse or a anything....if comes UP and Closes....ugh