Escape From The Salesman 2

Oliver The problem is:
I'm in a trouble because there is a question in my head what you guys should answer. :'(
The question is that should I make Escape From The Salesman 2? ???
So...answer quick ;)
Robin_Gravel Is Escape From The Salesman 1 finished yet?

Robin Gravel
Eigen It's ready and you can download it from Try it, it's great!

Robin_Gravel Thanks Eigen

I'll try it out.

To Oliver: are you planning making EFS 2 in SCI?

Robin Gravel
Joey its up to you man. if you want to make it, go for it. it is all up to you.
RJD Hey, Joey! Thats my Indy! :P lol ;)
Oliver Of course I'm going to make it in SCI.
I'm going to make it when you guys like it (a little). :D
Wish me luck. ;)
Kon-Tiki Good luck ;D

A thought just entered my mind... Fighting sequences with salesmen? ;)

Zonkie Hmmm... fighting sequences with the salesman ::)...

It would also be cool if you could add some eastereggs like having to be careful not to pass close to windows etc... and maybe even something like you have to check the cellar door so the guy doesn't come in or so...

Do a SCI version, I already liked the AGI version (as far as I got...). Go for it!

Oliver Cool you like it ZONK (if you don't mind I call you so).
If you mean by the SCI version that I should make a SCI version of EFS 1 then that's a good Idea. 8)

Over and out ;D for now ;)
Zonkie [attachment deleted by admin]
Sidrious play Can someone help me in EFS1?

Hmm...I got the crowbar from under the bed and the suit from the drawer (but if I get the suit and type, "look suit", it shows me the crowbar!). And if that doesn't do anything, what should I do now???

Thx! :)

EDIT: It's ok! Did it! I finished the game! Thx! ;D
Eigen That's not a importand issue. If you have the crowbar and the suit then you can finish the game.

Sidrious play Thx!

The problem was on the first demo.
Now i downloaded the game and i played it finish. ;D
Oliver So did you like the game and are you waiting another episode????