jrfritz What's better for making short movie like things like Joey is doing?

Is it a language? What's all this about? I don't know a thing about AGI/SGI. I do know C/C++ and assembly, is AGI/SGI related to this?
Kon-Tiki AGI uses 16c 168x300 resolution, while SCI uses better (up to Vga, when it's out) AGI is a really simple language. SCI is a bit more difficult and is said to look a lot like C(++), but SCI allows more things to do than AGI. If you want the possibility of graphics like 'Laura Bow' or 'Quest for Glory', go for SCI. If you want the possibility of graphics like 'KQ', 'Gold Rush' or 'Manhunter', go for AGI. Since you know C++ and assembly, I guess looking at the difficulty of the language doesn't matter for you.

jrfritz Since SCI looks like C++, it'll be easy...a little help in learning SCI, anyone?
Kon-Tiki There're really good tutorials at Brian's site.

jrfritz I guess there would be if the files where not missing...
mr-t should fix your woes.
jrfritz Thankyou...I already made a man with a green shirt walk!
Joey hey Tom are you thinking about making an AGI or SCI game? you should, since you have prior experience with c++ you could probably make a great game! there are way more AGI games out, so i would go for making an SCI game, since their arent as many fan made.
jrfritz I don't play games so I don't make games....I was hoping to do what my first post in this forum said ;)
Joey oh ok. thats cool man.
The Ultimo Thats a cool idea man. Making a movie using SCI. Keep us informed.

- Ultimo
Berserk Hey,

You mean you've never played a game? You probably have, but IF you haven't, Try It, It's funn ;D I recommend playing Max Payne or Jedi Knight 2 (Hardcore Violence, i usally play it when i'm pissed off ;))

loL! Cya.
jrfritz I use to play games but now my OS is my fun.
Perica Senjak Well, My OS (SenjakOS) is my fun aswell ;), But playing a game once in a while won't kill you ;D

Computers revolve around Computer Games, it's a Multi-Million dollar business $$