awesome, great job!

Bri da man kicks @$$! ;D You truly are the man, but what does "So though you can not yet edit sounds within SCI Studio, you can still edit them from it!" mean?
Patrik It means exactly what it says! Soundbox is not fully integrated into Sci Studio yet, so you'll have to edit your sound resources in SB and then import them back into Sci Studio. Is that so difficult to understand...? Personally I think Ravi ought to have a great thumb up for writing this piece of prog so that Sci fan game makers can actually make their own music for their games as well (instead of ripping ForYourThighsOnly a dozen times). I think it would be pretty cool with Mod support though, but it's probably a completely different matter to implement into the interpreter so I won't even ask...
thesameperson I can't download SOundbox. It was invalid/corrupted. :'( Did it work for anyone else?
Patrik Holy logjams batman, use a download manager! There is nothing wrong with the file, I downloaded it again and it worked.