Merry Christmas! SCI Studio 2.14 Holiday Edition Released!

Brian_Provinciano Happy Holidays! Though I check them daily, I'd been keeping rather quiet on the message boards for the past little while to surprise you all with this special Christmas gift--SCI Studio 2.14!

Some of you probably doubted the development on SCI Studio had been continuing since the last release was in August. Well, if you did, this will be an even greater surprise! The development on SCI Studio never stopped, and it's still going!

The new edition of SCI Studio includes bug fixes, but also a load of great new features to make your life easier! Some of the additions:
   - The char selector in the font editor is completely rewritten and highly optimized. It runs perfectly now, and much better than the last version.
   - A cel selector has been added to the view editor! You can now simply click on the picture of a cel in the current loop to edit it, and then click another to edit that! No more clicking arrows repeatedly!
   - A feature long requested--You can now export all the cels in a view onto a single bitmap! No longer will you need to coping and paste each cel individually for external editing!
   - Scrolling through pictures in the picture editor has been updated with some bug fixes! It should run much better now!
   - In the explorer, it allows you to view the views and pics animating so you need not click repeatedly though the arrows.
   - Incorporated SoundBox with SCI Studio so you can double click on sounds, and it will automatically extract them and execute SoundBox! So though you can not yet edit sounds within SCI Studio, you can still edit them from it!

I will be away for the next two weeks and not able to access my email or the message board, so you'll have to wait until I get back to ask any questions you might have for me.

Merry Christmas and Enjoy!
Eigen Thank's Brian :) It's awsome!!! It's like more than awsome :D :) Keep up the very good work!! :)

Deano Hi there - I have a problem with this. Whenever I try to save my Ego's view, it crashes due to an invalid page fault. Does anyone else have this problem, or is it just me?
Robin_Gravel Wow. A good christmas gift.

I'll check this version when I'll finish my game in progress.

Robin Gravel
The Ultimo :D :D :D Ohhhhhh My God! Trampopoline! Trabopoline!

- Ultimo
The Ultimo Now if only I could get a great birthday present in February!

No, no. Scratch that. An early birthday present... two months early! ;D

**cough**SCI VGA**cough** ;) ;D

- Ultimo
mr-t w00t!
Eigen Does anyone else have this problem? After I make some changes in script and compile & run it it won't work. I just get a error message. ???

Aaron Wester I'm definately getting the same error:

When you try to compile and run any script changes (even if you don't make a change), it gives a "Oops!" error when you compile and run.. I have a sneaky suspesion that this is isolated to the compiler.

I sent Brian an email on this, but I know he's on Christmas vacation right now...

It'll be cool when this bug is resolved so I can finish up the tutorial and get started on my game... It's going to be an adaptation of Dawn of the Dead & Night of the Living Dead... where you are one of only a few people alive in the world, while everyone else is a walking brain/flesh eating zombie. You'll need to make it out of a major city to a helicopter (perched on a specific building) - which you will need to hunt down clues to find, and then establish a secure new environment to dwell in while you try to find solice in the fact that you're practically alone in the world with a bunch of veggies that want to eat you for brunch.
Hopefully if all goes well, it will be done in time for next christmas.......... Be on the lookout - it will be called "They Live!"
The Ultimo :D :D Oh, f***ing awesome! I swear George A Romero is one of my favourite film-makers and those movies rock!

Good luck man!
Anonymous Guru It seems that the VGA view editor was mistakenly packaged with the EGA SCI Studio 2.14 rather than the SCI0 one. Though, since SSEGA sets some flags, it wont properly compile VGA scripts either. So, youll just have to wait for 2.15 in a little over a week (unless you know how to adjust/recompile its code).

Heh, the view editor is now fixed, but the script compiler is broken! So for the time being, youll need to use 2.14 for views and 2.13 for scripts. Oh well, just wait a little over a week.
Brian_Provinciano Yes, I'm back. Happy holidays! I will fix those problems and release the update soon. Sorry about that, I just didn't have time to test it as much as I wish I could have before releasing it.

PS. Anonymous Guru was me from a net cafe. I was in Mexico.
aaronix ;D ;DAwesome, Brian! Looking forward to downloading the patched version in a week. I'll be on the lookout for this. In the meantime - I've got a new identity on this forum... Hello everyone! :P

Always wanted to make an SGI game, but never was old enough to work for Sierra. What a treat it's been so far to find this program years later!!! ;D ;D
The Ultimo Welcome aboard aaronix! :)

Hope you become a regular to the boards, and feel free to ask for help whenever you want it. Anyone of us are sure to offer some some if there is anything we can do.

- Ultimo