RJD How do I delete resource.001? It says access is denied. I can't move it or rename it, either. :'(
Robin_Gravel Be sure you're leaving sci studio before erasing resource.001

Robin Gravel
RJD I deleted everything (My game is on my other computer) but the resource.001! I can't delete it! I can move and rename the folder its in, but I can't do anything else

"cannot delete resource: Access is denied.

Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected
and that the file is not currently in use."
The Ultimo Well, it normally only does that whenever you have the file still open. If it doesn't delete, try restarting your computer, and then trying again.

I normally do this whenever a file is pissing me off and I can't delete it, and then it works.

And if that doesn't work, create a new file. Doesn't matter what type and change the name of it to "resource.001". Put it into the folder and it should ask to overwrite, click yes. Now, delete.

Hope one of them work for you. :-\

- Ultimo