Magnifying glass

Broken Link I was wondering if it is possible to make a magnifying glass in an AGI game. The ego would be the magnifying glass and it would show a close up of whatever it was over. Can anyone tell me if and how I can do this.
jelleghys You mean like that screensaver in Windows?

Well, I don't think you can do that in AGI... Just because you can't actually draw something on the screen, you can place some views on it.

To do the magnifying thing you have to check every pixel (under the magnifying glass) to see what color it is (I guess)...
Andrew_Baker Not necessarily. One example would be to make a view of an eyeglass. One cel would be "empty", 26 would contain letters of the alphabet (if English letter set), as well as the numerals 0-9. Get the position of the ego object, and if the ego is in a particular position on screen, then a letter or number or empty space will be displayed in the magnifying glass. Thusly, secret messages could be hidden on screen. If your ego was a magnifying glass in the entire game (As in a Myst-type first person adventure, or Manhunter, then you could devote more views of the eyeglass with different objects. Make sure to set never_animate_ego!

Before I'd assign more than just basic numbers and letters to the eyeglass view, I'd have clicking with the eyeglass on a particular spot to go to a different close-up scene, much like Gabriel Knight.

Finally, I think it would be most successful as a synthesis of the two.