Vector question.

Joey andrew told me this converts bmp files into agi picture resources. this will be useful in my science project. before i download it and fool around with it, could someone answer this question?

will it convert the picture to 16 colors? so if it is like a 32 bit pic, will it turn into 16 colors, or stay 32 bit? it wouldnt look right having a real life looking picture in a 16 color agi movie.
Eigen It will turn pictures into 16 colors. (But I'm not 100% sure) :P I once tried to convert a house pic into AGI pic but picture was really messy. :D

Joey oh. i want my science project to be neat. ill try it though. thanks eigen.
Joey where can I download vector?
jelleghys Don't take this too serious Joey, but do you ever find something out yourself?

You can download Noptec Vector from Brian's site, from Nick's site...

Here's the homepage:
Joey actually, yes i do jelle. i looked at peter kelly's site in the utilities section and didnt find it. plus i had to eat supper, so i didnt have the time to look for it. sorry.
lemur But if you want things to look neat, why use AGI?
Andrew_Baker ... because he already knows AGI and wants to practice it more, I would assume.
Joey well that andrew, and i dont know any other language. :-
Joey wrote:

well that andrew, and i dont know any other language. :-[

Must be why you have like a million threads over other languages that you want to know if they exist or if they are hard or whatnot heheh
Joey true smg, true. but im starting to learn c++ now, so, ha! ;D
rwfromxenon hehehe,let's see how long this lasts...
let's make a list...

SCI (in an old thread on the SCI board)
Wolf3d scripting

Slowly, Joey. Slowly ;D