Kon-Tiki's How-to Draw a Good Picture Tutor

smartguy240 [attachment deleted by admin]
Zonkie Hey, that's really good! I like the tips on shading and drawing circles. Could you maybe add the colors you can use for the "Sierra-touch"? Most people here know them, but if a person reads your tutorial who is new to AGI he/she might not know the colours.

Keep it up!

Kon-Tiki Zonkie: that all depends on what the texture should be, but I can add a few examples.
Anyway, I'm glad you guys like it :) I'll go and try to make it better.

Zonkie I mean not only the obvious like light grey/dark grey and light green/dark green, but also like the yellow/light brown and so on. I guess for beginners it can be difficult to figure those out.