Science Project (Yes this is AGI Related)

Joey Today in Science, we got assigned a project. we have to make a model of the solar system and then write a report on it. my science teacher also said, if we had an idea of a different way to show the project, we could. so i asked him if i could do like a computer animation. he said yah.

what im gonna do, is like a teaser. it will be an AGI movie where it explains about the kennedy space center (that will be where you launch) then when you get to space, you will fly by every planet in the solar system. the computer will display information about each planet as you pass it. after you go through all the planets, on your way back, you will land on the moon. then you will learn about the land on the moon and some other stuff. then you return home.

how does this sound to everyone? does anyone have any suggestions? (btw this will most likely be non interactive) if anyone would like to help, by giving me some good web sites with info on space ships or info on some planets or the moon. just earths moon, not the other planets moons. i could do this all myself, but if you would like to help, it would be helpful.

also, i WILL release this. i will put it on my site when im done and tell everyone the grade i got on it. maybe you could do a project with AGI.

ALSO MOST IMPORTANYLY: i dont want him to try to open it and then it not work. what interpreter should i use, that is easy to use and will work on all OS's? if there are none that work for all, just give me one that works on all windows operating systems. i think NAGI does this, but im not sure.

sorry, one more thing. since this is for school, i will most likely be able to work on it everyday, since it is like homework. so i didnt want everyone to think why did this be finished so fast and not dq2. well, because i cant work on dq2 EVERY day. only when i have time on the weekends.
Andrew_Baker Bundle it with Nagi and the classic executable. That way, you can start the game from either.

Have you tried looking up NASA? Solar system ==

Oy, that's a long URL. Try just and use their search engine.

Also, you could have the ego be a little space ship or satellite, and when it touches a planet, star, asteroid, etc., then you could go to a subroutine that gives details, pictures, etc. for that planet.

Don't forget that you can use apps like Vector to convert bmps to picture resources. For extra points, attempt to use the 256 color hack :D
AGI1122 I fixed the url for you.
Joey oh wait, so if i downloaded pictures of planets, vector would convert them into agi pic files and would work in the game? would it be transfered to 16 colors, or stay with the original colors it had? ive never tried out vector, so im not sure.
Andrew_Baker Only way to find out, Joey, is to look for documentation and try it yourself. I'm sure you can find a thread on this board that deals with Vector. There is a search button located at the top of the board ^
Broken Link That sounds like a great idea. I've been working on a similar type game called Middle Earth. Its kind of like an archive of Middle Earth information in AGI format. I'm working on it just for fun though. If I ever have to do a project similar to your's than I'll try making it in AGI.
Tom with cookine prob Well, there is a project for making a OS that is called middle earth.

Better change your games name.
Tom with prob Opps, my name above this post should Be "Tom With Cookie prob"
SGreenslade About the planets and space info, just ask me...I'm an astronomy buff. As for pictures, well you probably know this, but look directly on NASA's website. Specifically you should look up projects on the Mariner, Viking and Voyager probes. I forget the names of those that went to Venus.
SGreenslade Oh yeah I forgot, information on the Pioneer probes should be looked into as well. They didn't discover the rings around Neptune or its four additional moons but they mapped out most of the solar system for Voyager and future explorations.
Broken Link Ok. I guess I'll change the name. I've translated Middle Earth to Elvish and I got "Enya Ambar". There are also other ways to say it(Endya Arda, Ende, Ambar, etc...). I'll change it to one of those.
Joey i was thinking of using an apollo ship, cause you gonna land on the moon at the end. i need a link for that. ill look after school.
SGreenslade That's a great idea! You know those lunar landing sims they have at astronautical museums? You could design one if you still have time.
Joey yah i was thinking about that today. i will probably just have a movie of you landing. im not sure yet.
Andrew_Baker There's probably a way that you could have the old moon lander game in there, much like Astro Chicken in Space Quest III (Only that's SCI, unfortunately, I think.).