Picedit Question

smartguy240 I have PicEdit...i was going through some agi webpages and i saw this...


Is my picture editor supposed to be like this? I have a dos like interface that is really screwy!
sonneveld yep.. somebody ported AGI Studio to Linux which was a bit of a big project cause they converted it all to C++ and QT. Then Nat Budin ported it to Windows (hence the Windows Linux AGI Studio).

The only problem is QT. They make this big hoo-hah about it being opensource but it's only GPL in the Linux environment. If you want to use it in Windows, you need to use a crappy VC++ only free version or pay money for the commercial library.

Anyway.. the picedit's fairly slow in the Windows version I tried. it's still available on my site if you want to try it.

- Nick
smartguy240 So will there be a PICEDIT like that for Windows?
sonneveld no, there already exists one like that. I've mentioned it before. go to agidev.com and visit the download section.. it's there.

- Nick