Quiz show + Lazy Baker = ?

Andrew_Baker So, I've got this quiz show game in VG, where VG has to win to get past a certain point in the game. Well, the thing is, I've pretty much exhausted all the voodoo questions I could think of...

Would anyone like to contribute some good/funny Q+A's for the good of VG? All I could really offer you is a credit in the intro and finale of VG as a "Research Assistant". Kon-Tiki is already a "Research Assistant".

Come on, doesn't everyone want to be just like Raf? :D
Eigen Q: How to differentiate sugar and salt in a dark room?
A: Turn on the light.

Q: How big is the space?
A: Immeusurable.

Axel Hi, I want to contribute as well. Maybe you know the jokes already.

Q: How do you get an elephant into a refrigerator?
A: Open the refrigerator.

The joke is devided into two sections. To continue..

Q: How do you get a giraffe into a refrigerator?
A: Take the elephant out, put the giraffe in. :)
juncmodule These two sites might be useful. I googled for jeopardy, the game show...couldn't find that site but, these had some voodoo questions. I don't know about funny or good...but, maybe it is a place to start.


Is this the kind of thing you are looking for, trivia? Not jokes? Or are you looking for jokes?

Andrew_Baker Trivia, not jokes. Although I appreciate the feedback, nonetheless.
Eigen Q: 1 km = ? m
A: 1000 m
CapTAmerik@ Do you have some questions in there about the world-famous Marie Laveau? I was in New Orleans awhile back and surely could think of a few questions regarding the Voodoo Queen...

Have you tried looking thru Gabriel Knight? They must have a bunch of related topics in there. For example, what does Cabrit Sans Cor mean?

"Goat without horns"... also referred to as an human sacrifice...

My two cents,
Andrew_Baker Oh, yeah, I've played GK (Always a stupid fatal error when I inserted the snake staff into the hole in the church on every copy I tried.). But to give you an idea of what I'm trying to do, a little background is in order. The player is actually going to be provided all of the answers in the game from different people. I already have 30 voodoo questions (of such material as deemed appropriate to show kids, because VG is intended to be accessible for 8-30 year olds), but now I want some other subjects for the remaining 90+. Baron Samedi is the lord of death, Erzulie is the lady of dreams and emotion, Legba is master of the crossroads(travel, etc.), Ague is the lord of the sea. Each should provide quiz show hints in their particular realm.

I have a couple questions about Marie, but it is sometimes difficult to think of any that are appropriate or fit into the context of the game. I've already decided not to have much Haitian historical data (which is fine, I guess, because Voodoo Island is more of a primordial Haiti), and I had to get rid of references to the Ton Ton Macoute, because of the extremely politico-terrorist associations.
Mkl Does this mean the player will have to do some studying of voodoo mythology before attempting to solve your puzzles?
Kon-Tiki All the answers can be found in the game itself, so the player with an eye for detail should have no problem finishing the quiz without any knowledge whatsoever from before he started to play the game.

SGreenslade I take it all voodoo paraphenelia found in the Monkey Island series are already taken...
Andrew_Baker Don't know, never played 'em, but considering the magic that VG uses in the game was completely made up on the spot whenever I needed a new puzzle or something, I doubt that I ripped off Monkey Island.
SGreenslade You can't rip it off if you never played it. When it comes to publishing rights and the legal suits that result from it, that's another story, but you can only rip off something if you use source from another and then actively use it in your own work without the consent of the creator and call it your own.
Andrew_Baker Well, anyway, I ended up not putting in as many questions in the quiz show. No real loss, there. Must... finish... game...
Kon-Tiki Oops, guess I was too slow with those questions I promised. If you still want them, I'll give them as soon as I get those texts translated.

Andrew_Baker No, that's fine. I'm forcing myself to freeze that portion of the game so I can actually finish. Thanks, everybody, though; I really appreciate all your support.