Escape From The Salesman ready!!!!

Oliver Here it is!!
The shorthest AGI game ever (I think)
Escape From The Salesman. ;D :D ;) :)
You can download at my page
just click on the "games" button.
So opinions are welcome!
Sidrious play There's a problem. If i get the "suit" in the drawer, it gives me a crowbar, wich i can find under the bed. And when i get the crowbar, it gaves me the crowbar again. ??? Then i only got the crowbar.
MagickPoultry They're different objects. It just displays the wrong one when you try to look at the suit.
Oliver Sorry guys I forgot that one but now it's fixed. :D
So what do you think about the game? :P
Oliver Nobody wants toa answer? Ok. :D
I think that I'm going to make the second part in SCI.
That means that I going to start learning it (finally).
;D ;)
Eigen We are all so happy for you :D

Oliver Yeah, sure Eigen ::).
I don't think so. ;)