Larry 3 Bamboo Forest Blues

fck I tried to play Larry 3, but got totally stuck in the forest. I got hold of a hint list telling me N-N-E-E-N ext, but that did not help me either. How does the convension work?
1.Ok, you are in the forest : Go N and exit frame going N.
2. N: Continue N and go E on junction. Exit frame going E.
3. E: Continue E and go N on junction.

But there no junction in the frame! How should I read the instructions? Any hints? Please!
Eigen [attachment deleted by admin]
Xqzzy Rcxmcq Just remember the Nontoonyt nectarine song...

in the lsl3 manual.

You'll at first find it sort of disappointing, but later a [glow=red,2,300]CAPITAL[/glow] idea.
fck ;D Thanks for the help!
Joey Never Never Ever Eat Nectarines Washed.......

i love that song! :D