Making the dialog stick

janoch23 Hi!

I'm trying to get some younger people to play some old Sierra SCI games (like SQ5) because I allways felt this was a good way to learn english (neither them nor I have english as our native language). The problem is that the dialog times out much too quickly for them to read.

As far as I can tell (and I have read some SCI docs) the only thing that would need to be done to cure this would be to patch out some countdown code for the dialog boxes, and then they would stay on-screen until the player presses the left mouse button.

I've been searching for a patch like this but found none. Has it been done?

If not, could anybody tell me how to do this, or maybe even help me do it?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,
janoch23 Maybe I should add that lowering the Game Speed setting is not a solution to the problem scince that slows the entire game down...

Also, I wonder, is the dialog time-out controlled from the script langauage program or is it built-in to the SCI engine?

The Ultimo I think I know what your talking about.

Are you creating your own game or just using a Sierra game?

- Ultimo
janoch23 I want to modify Space Quest 5 so that the dialog doesn't time out.

Ultimately I want a patch that modifies any SCI game in this way.
The Ultimo SQ5?!

Well, that's the problem there. To my knowledge, that wasn't created using any version of SCI and it was created with something new that the developers made. I don't think that you can edit it.

But of course, someone else may know how to do it.

- Hart