VB AGI Application

smartguy240 I believe that right now, i am at the state where i can create a Visual Basic Program that will DO something for you people...but i lack one thing, and idea...can someone help me out?
sonneveld you could always try your hand at a pic or view editor.. I don't know how feasible it would be in vb though.

- Nick
smartguy240 well...i dont know if that would be possibel..but thanks...it is at least an idea :-\ i was thinking something more along the lines of something that takes a while to do, and you would just be able to run this and it would do it quicker....
sonneveld something that allows you to test a room by walking around in it?

how about cinematic scenes? there's a lot of timers and placing stuff involved.. would be nice if there was a program to simplify that.

- Nick
Parabola agreed ;)

- the cinematic one
Joey AGI Code Helper. when your programming a logic file, and you have a bug or something, or the code is wrong, it will find it and tell you how to fix it. maybe it will give suggestions on your code, like how to make it easier.

nah. that would probably be too hard.

how about a nice, advanced, easy to use, sound editor! you are good with agi sounds, and i am not! so you could make a sound editor, and i could test it, to see if it is easy enough for AGI idiots! ;)
Andrew_Baker I just had this idea the other day. While a built-in sound editor would be nice... I'd be happy with just the ability to preview sounds from a nice menu. Y'see, I forger what the different songs sound like, and those numbers aren't very easy to remember (oh, sound.004 is a bit of a pop ditty, etc.). So, if you could figure out how to make a thing-y that previewed sounds...
Joey yes i want to be able to preview sounds in agi studio.
smartguy240 HMMM...i could do it BUT...i dont know how to use(hack?) resources from different programs and put them into a coding script. If anyone knows how to do this...id be most obliged if they'd tell me...otherwise i could do something like AGIBLG except of something else...like placing an object on the screen or something...im still taking suggestions ya know ;)
Kon-Tiki SOUND PREVIEW! It is indeed a real pain to find which sound resource sounds like what. That truly is something we need for the Studio.

Andrew_Baker This should get you started :D

CESS.tk Fixed url.
smartguy240 OH wow...i dont think that VB has the capabilities for that...unless someone else knows more than i do...which may be true...ill try to work something out...but i doubt it will work...in the meantime...anymore ideas?