DQ2 info (kinda bad news)

Joey I asked for a C++ book for christmas. if i get it, i am going to start learning c++. that is going to take a long time. so what does that mean you ask? well, im not going to have much time working on dq2. i already havent been working on it for a while, but still. now what i was thinking, was to work my ass off working on dq2 until i start learning c++. then i will release what i have completed. hopefully i will get a lot done. i may be able to finish it, i doubt it though. i am NOT going to re draw any rooms, the newer ones may look nicer. i will try to put in animations for doors. i dont want to give up on this. and maybe i will take breaks sometimes from c++, to work on agi. i love agi, i grew up with it, and i am not going to let that go away. agi will always be with me, and i will try to add more agi stuff for the community.

if i learn c++, then i can make some nice utilities for then agi community, so i guess im helping everyone by learning c++.

i just wanted to let you know, i may not have time to work on dq2, and the full version may not be released until next year or something. im hoping i can finish it, before jumping into c++. we'll see what happens though.
bokkers Although C++ is a nice language and probably a lot more useful than AGI, if you say things like "I will release what I have no matter if it's complete" I doubt many people will bother about the game. If the author himself says "Its not complete but I gotta move on to other things so you here you are" you cant excpect the audience to go Hooray. IMHO.
Rich Actually, I learned C++ before I ever tackled AGI. It helped immensely, actually. From learning the basics, you can write much better no matter what language you use. Of course, I also learned basic, pascal and C. It all helps.
Joey yah, i wanna learn c++ so i can make more and better programs. i will try to finish dq2. no promises though. we'll see what happens. i have around 3 weeks. i may be able to do it.