Literature in AGI Games

Zonkie Hi everybody,
What do you generally think of taking stories from books to use them in AGI games, so to basically make an AGI version of a book? A friend and me are thinking about making an AGI version of the novel "The Catcher in the Rye" by J. D. Salinger soon, and we would like to know what you think of the idea...

Criticism appreciated ;) ;D.

Kon-Tiki It depends on how it's done. It's like making a movie out of a book. You can make it better than the original, or make people hate the book because the game's terrible. Still, it's quite an interesting thought. I'd say: "Go for it", so: go for it.

Andrew_Baker I know that Sierra already had Mixed-Up Fairy Tales, but those stories seem better adapted to adventures. I mean "The Catcher in the Rye" is a book about having no goals. And there wasn't much action or problem solving in it. Good book, though...
06dude Yeah, exactly how are you planning on creating the game? You'll probably have to insert puzzles and stuff. Please tell us some of your ideas for this. :D
bokkers A brilliant idea. :D We need more games inspired by books. I once had the idea to turn a theatre play into a game, but that was just an idea. However if you're creative enough you could even turn poems into AGI-games. Anything goes!
Zonkie We are thinking to make the game a bit like an interactive movie with many parts that are controlled by the game, so that the player tries to fulfill things in between. So for example, for those people who know the story, he would be up in his room at Pencey and the player could do things, but would only be allowed to walk in a small space. Then, as soon as he did something special, in this case sit down and read, a scripted event would start where Ackley would come and they would chat. Maybe the player will be able to reply himself there. We have planned on including many of those events, but if it turns out that there will be too little action for the player then, we would leave some out.

I think we are going to use some quotes from the novel itself as well and include references. Because there are so many symbols we still have to see if we are going to put our own interpretation of the novel into the game or if we will try to make it as unbiased as possible so that the player can make up their own mind.

Andrew_Baker It would be completely possible to make an AGI movie. No player interaction, just scripted events in a sequence. This may sound foolish, but then again, there's a project to recreate the entire first Star Wars movie in ASCII character animation!!! Have you seen this? [link edited out] :o
Pikachu14 Hey, no porn please. W00PS! I must admit I never watched till that part before :-