King's Quest II+ Remake Released

Omer Mor Although not SCI related, I still believe it will be of interest for most of you:
Tierra software, who already released a VGA remake of KQ1 just release a remake to KQ2.
go download!
Eigen Go see;action=display;threadid=2250

Brian_Provinciano It's SCI related enough news to be here :)

Wow! This is great! Thanks for the info! I haven't tried their KQ2 out yet, but Tierra sure is great! They start a project, and are dedicated and organized enough to finish it, no matter how long it takes! They also do excellent jobs! Great work to Tierra!
AGI1122 I already started a topic about this in off-topic. ;)
Berserk Hey,

Yeh i heard aswell, has anybody played it, is it good??

Cos it is a pretty big download to download at once, so i want to know what you'se think of the game??

Cya ;D
Eigen If you haven't download it yet then do it. It's very great.

gonzoduke They should remake Leisure Suit Larry 2. ;D
Axel Coming back to the Larry thing you spoke about. I`m a real Larry fanatic. That`s how I got to program AGI. :D

The sad thing, however, is that AL Lowe (the guy who programmed LARRRY) lost his license and SIERRA would not let him continue to make another LARRY game. :'(

Eigen It would be great to play point'n click Larry 2. :) or Larry 3 (even better) :D