Help, I'm stuck and panicking!!! :o

06dude Ok, I'm stuck on my Super Nazi game. This is the problem: I have a room with a big gun turret in the middle that's already part of the picture (it's not it's own view). You can walk behind the turret because the turret's priority is 8 (dark grey).

The problem is I wanted to draw a door in the center of ithe turret (so you can get inside the turret). I drew the door view, set the logic up, and bam! :o it never showed up. Now I think the problem revolves around putting the door view on to a surface with a priority but I don't know how to fix it.

If you even remotely understood what the hell I just said ??? then please help. If you just read this post and now think "that guy has no idea what he's talking about, what a bloody retard" then, well, :P :P :P!

-06 dude, one groovy cat
MagickPoultry Did you set the priority of the door to 8?

If not, all you need to add is:


Andrew_Baker Yep, and if it still doesn't appear, try adjusting its y-value to bring closer to the "Fourth Wall".

If that isn't satisfactory, what I always do with a door is leave a "cut-out" in my PIC where the door will be.
bokkers What caused me a lot of trouble with door-views was also control lines being too close to the area where the view should appear. Make sure, no control lines cross the area, because else the door will be placed some pixels off. If you have a lot of priority lines there, even more pixels off. Not sure if this applies to your problem though, because in my case though the door was in the wrong position it was still visible.
06dude Problem solved, everything's better now. ;D

It turns out that I spent more time on the logic than the door view. :P I had made sure that the priority was set to 8 and I even put an ignore blocks command just in case those pesky blue lines got in the way. After I double checked this logic and the door still didn't show up, I checked the view itself.

The view was just a transparent square! " >:(Yarggggg! >:(" I said, cursing all who came near me for the next half hour. (Just kidding) But at least now I know what went wrong. The game will now be making nice progress (until I do something stupid again).

Thanks for the input though, it's much appreciated.