Timers in AGI

Xqzzy Rcxmcq This is a question!

How can you do timers in AGI? Does you do something with the clock? An example is the salesman clone launch countdown in SQ2. ???
smartguy240 timers as in actions preformed by the computer in an interpreter like have this stuff move and crap...or like a countdown timer?
Xqzzy Rcxmcq I'm talking about countdown timers...I think I know how to move objects with timers already.
smartguy240 ok then...sorry Nick, Chirs, and Joel know....
Xqzzy Rcxmcq What I was thinking about was like for every increment for seconds, minutes, etc. for the game's internal clock, the timer counts down one second, minute, etc.
Kon-Tiki If it doesn't have to count down from the clock (the one you get by pressing f6), it's this:

f(5) {
// rest of the starting code
v100 = x
if(v100 != 0) {
v100 --

x is the number of seconds you want. This code can be a little buggy. That's because I can't remember the exact variable commands, but you still get the idea.

jelleghys I would do like this:

if (f5) { // f5 = new room, you can put any flag here
v100 = x;

if (v100 == 1) {
// do your stuff, for when timer ends (alarm), end of countdown... you know


x is not the number of seconds, it's the number of logic cycles...
I use v100==1 and NOT v100==0 because if you would do that, everything in that block will be executed every cycle, until v100 is given another value...

The program will go like this:

* Enter room

* first cycle:
set v100 the value x
v100 = x-1

* second cycle
v100 = x-2

* third cycle
v100 = x-3

* x-1 th cycle
v100 = 1
special stuff will be done

* x th cycle
v100 = 0

* x +1 th cycle
v100 = 0

and so on...
Xqzzy Rcxmcq Thanks, Kon-Tiki, thanks, Jelle. I'll have to keep that in mind. It was just kind of confusing. Oh, well. Thanks.
Andrew_Baker I prefer:

If (new_room) {

timer = 100;


if (timer_start) {
if (timer == 0) {
//Do whatever
else {
jelleghys Didn't you forget anything? The if block will never be executed because you reset timer_start when the ego enters the room... ???
Andrew_Baker Nah, the timer_start can be triggered by any event or command you want.

It could be

if (said("use","lever") {


if (has("widget")) {

One thing I should have added is reset(timer_start); once the countdown is finished, to prevent an infinite loop.