How much time?

Oliver I just want to ask how much will it take time to make an AGI game what's completely ready? :o

1 week? ;)
3 weeks? ;)
1 month? :(
a year? :'(
jelleghys Well ofcourse this depends on how big the game is and how much time you spend working on it...

My game will probably contain over 60 rooms and I'm working on it since 3 feb 2002, I hope it will be done begin next year, BUT I don't work on it very much... Some weeks I work on it very hard, but then I don't do anything about it for 2 weeks :D

Anyway, I don't think you can talk about weeks... Unless you don't go to school or you don't have a jobe, so you can work on it the whole day, the whole week...
Oliver I'm making my game so slow that It will be (wit no bugs) ready
in january (I think :P) or in the end of December :-\. I'm not sure. ;D
Andrew_Baker Voodoo Girl doesn't have that many rooms, but I've had to restart a couple times, and I've done a few things as experiments. Overall, I'd say I've been working on it for a year. The first rule to planning schedules is that it will always take more time than you think ;D
Oliver Could people write here how much time you spent time on your game. ;)
Thank you!
Eigen I started making Al Pond 1 in March 2002 and finished........ June or July, I'm not sure. :P There were some weeks I only draw some pictures. So I can say I made it for about 4.5 or 5 months.
chad_goulding I discovered the AGI scene in March 1998 and started working on Time Quest pretty much straight away. I've released two demo versions of the game since then and its now about 50% complete. So, if my calculations are correct its taken me about 4 and a half years to reach the halfway mark. Is that some kind of record? At this rate I shoul be finished by mid 2007. lol
jelleghys Things changed in the AGI-community since 1998. Better/more tools, tutorials,....
A lot of people who can help...

BTW: I really like Time Quest, I'm waiting for it :D
Eigen You only have to wait until 2007 ;D ;D :) :D
jelleghys I won't hold my breath ;)
Eigen Why not? ;D
Oliver I will be grandad when the game will be ready ;D
or just old man ;)
Eigen I don't think so Oliver ;D
Randy I think I started working on Operation:RECON back in 1998. It moved forward slowly and a demo was released about a year or two later. At the demo, the game was probably 1-5% complete. Since then Nat Budin & I had worked on it bringing it to about 5-10% complete where it stands to this day...unfortunately. At that rate I estimate it would be completed by 2050, if at all. Due to the difficulty in coordinating free time with Nat via email on this project, it was abandoned.

I have for the past year or two been working on another project. Since I am programming this one myself, there is no difficulty in coordinating free time (only in finding some). I am very optimistic about completing it and have laid the coding foundation for a lot of arcade sequences already. I would estimate about 10-20% completion. As I become more familiar with Logic coding the time it takes to develop the game actually decreases. So far, the most time-consuming part of the game is drawing the backgrounds. I would hope to be done with it within a year (I have the full story written down and, given I can use all my ideas, it is going to be a large game).

If any of you would like to help me meet this goal (and would like a new game to eventually play), I could always use background artists to speed up the process.

To preserve the surprise of playing a totally new game I do not plan on releasing any demos. If you want a taste of what is to come, volunteer. :)

Oliver I discovered AGI not long time ago. I think the year was about 2000. I'm not sure and I don't know the month.
My very first progrm (which i made games with) was Quick basic. Then when time past I started learning AGI and then it all began....... ;)
Eigen I think it's was more like 2002 :P You started to learn AGI about three months later than me. :)
Oliver If you say so...
That was quick when I think about it (learning AGI).
Oliver Hey I've got three stars....Exxelent :P ;D
Rich Well, I can tell you that FQ1 was a pretty fast game to make, only a few months... released in August 1998. FQ2 however, I have been working on since September 1998 and it is still not done. Of course, I would say that I've only worked on it about a month each of those years. If I sat down and worked on it 10 hours a day, like I have been known to from time to time, I'd be done with it within a a few weeks time. So, the total game would probably be something like 5 or 6 months.
Oliver The games are made pretty fast (If I think about it) ;D
Then the to the end of this message I only have to say that:" If you want to make a normal ready game then It will take 4-7 months".