views in sci vga

Robin_Gravel Even in first sci vga game king's quest 5, the ego has 8 loops for 8 directionnals.

I'm wondering if I should make views with 8 loops unstead 4 loops to make sci vga games?

Maybe 9 loops. The 9th loop is used when the ego's not moving.

Robin Gravel
The Ultimo I am going to make my games with 9. One for each direction and then one for standing still. I don't know which loops are which though (ie. up, down, left, right).

I think it would make it look better.

- Ultimo
Robin_Gravel Can I make ego with only 4 loops in SCI VGA?

Robin Gravel

RJD Probably. I have been wondering the same thing you have. I think it could be 4 loops. I'm not sure, though. Has anyone ever seen a VGA game with 4 loops? ???
Brian_Provinciano The amount of loops for directions in views is irrelilivant to the interpreter. It's in the class system. The class system supports the use of more than four. If modified, it could even support more.
Robin_Gravel So I can make egos with 4 loops after all.

Thanks for the info Brian.

Robin Gravel
Calvin How do I make it support more than 3 loops?