New Demo by January

The Ultimo Olleh!

Just wanted to tell you all that my sci-fi game will have a demo by January, Febuary at the latest.

It will show most of the stuff you will be able to do, like landing on planets, boarding ships. As yet, I won't have the animation for the transition, but they will be in the final game.

Still haven't got a good title either. I originally was going to call it Ranger, but thats kinda sounds a bit pussy for a dark game like this.

Any suggestions on a title, would be helpful.

- Ultimo
Eigen Why don't you name the game
"Ranger of the Dark Side" ;D

Kon-Tiki Hmmm,
"Black Ranger"... sounds too Power Rangerish
"Shadow Ranger"... sounds too much like Shadow Runner
"Guard of the Nocturn"...
"Black Hawk shooter"... :D
"Dark Demon"... clich
Eigen Some other names:

* The Galaxy
* /name/, the Galaxy Ranger ;)
(orig. Walker, the Texas Ranger)

Or even "Space" :D
RJD I like Shadowstider. If you don't use it I might.
The Ultimo Ha ha. Great names. ;D

I really like that one by Eigen. Walker, The Galaxy Ranger!

It could star an old Chuck Norris, whose spaceship could be an old wheelchair with a dome bubble. :P

- Ultimo
mr-t Death Strider
Star Scourge
The Ultimo Mmhhh, Death Strider. Thats sounds really cool. ;D
RJD wrote:

I like Shadowstider. If you don't use it I might.

Typo, should've been Shadowstrider :-
RJD Whoops! ;D