Changing pics in rooms

RJD Is there any way I can change pics without changing rooms? It would help me alot. Tell me if I need to be more specific.
Robin_Gravel Hi RGD

You mean changing the pictures without changing the room?

Robin Gravel
RJD Yeah. Can I? ???
The Ultimo Yeah you can. I was looking through the Help file that comes with SCI Studio.

Heres an example from it:

/* draws PIC.100 closing the existing picture from center to the edges, reopens with the new picture from the edges to center, clearing the screen before drawing and using palette[1] as the default. */

Have a look in the Help file and search for pic. then select Kernal: DrawPic from the list, and it has the info you need.

It is best to use changeState with this, so that you can have it change after a certain amount of cycles, for a titlescreen for instance.

- Ultimo
RJD THANKS ALOT :-* (Kidding, though Im sure you are a great person) Thats just what I need