Max amount of vols?

Sami_Tervo During weekend my project's size growed over 1mb so vol.1 was created. I've seen agi-games with 3 vol-files. I'm bit worried that my project's size will grow much more in future.

So does anyone know how many vol-files are possible? (ofcourse there must be that 1000 max, 0-999)
sonneveld Before anything.. make sure you Rebuild VOLs from the resource menu to clear out any old resources.

For version 2 interpreters the range is:
VOL 0-4
For version 3:
VOL 0-14

- Nick
Sami_Tervo Phew, that helped, size decreased to 300kb! :)
sonneveld just call me Nick "Rebuild VOLs" Sonneveld.

- Nick