AGI Studio problem

Broken Link I've been having a problem with AGI Studio v1.37. Whenever I try to create a new game I get the error "Invalid directory "c:/--------------". I've used this version on my old computer and it works fine, so I know its my new computer. I have Windows XP. Maybe one of you could help me out.
sonneveld I think the "new game" is a bit buggy. or it's assuming something about the operating system.

The best way to get around it is just to go to the AGI Studio directory and copy the "template" directory to somewhere else (and as a different name) and then point AGI Studio to that directory.

hope that helps.

- Nick
Randy Not sure if this is a symptom of that bug I noticed a while back. AGI Studio has trouble saving/opening files in Windows XP because Agi Studio will append the "/" along with the filename, however, Windows XP likes to do the same at the end of the last folder name (where other Windows versions did not). Therefore I noticed it doubles up the slashes at the end when it tries to save/load: "C:/AGIStudio/Games//Game1" which causes the error I've been having. I've lately been using Windows98 in order to work on my game.