Anyone wanna test a game?

06 dude Hey it's 06 dude about my current project. I think it works fine so far (only 13 rooms though) but I want to see what others think (like if I should scrap it or what) before I spend the extra time adding the next 50 rooms or so. :o

If anyone is interested in testing it (it's called agent 06 vs. the super nazi, you're a wimpy version of 007 on a battleship) please reply to this message.

Current status of game: 13 rooms, 4 ways to die, 35 views, 7 objects
Broken Link I'll test it.
06 dude If anyone wants to test the current 13 room demo of 06 vs. the Super Nazi then click on this link.;action=show Please tell me what you think and enjoy.
jelleghys The game is very good, nice pictures. But:

if you have a piece of code like this:

if (said("do","blabla")) {
if(has("object")) {
//do stuff

you should include an else-block:

if (said("do","blabla")) {
if(has("object")) {
//do stuff
} else {
//do other stuff

//do other stuff => I mean something like: "you need object to do that." or simply "You can't do that now".

Because you haven't got the else-blocks the player types something and nothing happens... That's quite weird.

I read the thing on the wall, I did what it told me to do, but nothing happened, just because I didn't have a certain object...
jelleghys Also I found it quite hard to climb down the stairs...

Maybe you should the same command (climb/use stairs or something) and seperate them using if(posn(ego(x1,y1,x2,y2)))

I like your animations... though, one thing I don't understand... the place with the antenna: there's supposed to be a guard walking around, but all I can see is a line going to the right of the screen...
06dude Thanks. That's exactly the stuff I wanna hear. I tried to put else blocks in the game wherever it was necessary, but I guess I forgot a few. Where exactly did you have that problem? Also, I have NO idea why the guard didn't show up for you but instead just showed a line moving across the screen. Any idea why?
jelleghys The line I saw was view 32, loop 0, cel 0, and the thingy is, IT DOESN'T DO THAT ANYMORE??!

I can't possibly say, but I'll have a better look at your code...

if (said("ignite","poster")) { => this one has no else block
jelleghys Another thing: your zip contains files like: picture.001, picture.002,.... , deadroom.011, door.026. It's not needed to include those files in your zip for us to play the game, it doesn't annoy me or something, it just makes your zip-file bigger.
The source-directory is also not required, but it's easier for us to read the code then....

Just telling you... ::)
bokkers The game is quite good. The graphics are very nice (only the exterior of the ship could use a little more detail I think) and there are some very nice playable puzzles in it. Although I find the game needs more recognized words (like most games including my own ;D) I was amazed to find such nice, logical puzzles. Also the cutscenes were very nicely done.
The only thing I would really take out of the game is maybe some of the engrossing things like that big bucket (yeech!) or the players memories regarding the poster in the cell.
Keep up the good work on the game, I'd love to play another demo or the full game.
06dude :D

Thanks for the input guys, I really appreciate it 8) I'll consider everything you said, keep working on the game, and I'll try to get the next demo out by Christmas with twice as many rooms and all that good stuff. Glad you like the game :-
06dude just wanted to see if my pic would show up ; :P