Template Game "Advanced" ?

Jocke The Beast Hi all you guys (and girls)!
I'm a AGI-newbie and now I have downloaded AGIStudio (the latest version), some picure-converters & sound-utilities,the template game and some fan-made-AGI-games. I've just began to understand how the scripting code works by viewing Template and other AGI-gan-games (maybe some of yours?).

What I look for now is a Template-game with some more features like walking npc's,sound,item-on-screen etc. etc. This I need for learning how to make my own games. Yes,of course I can check out existing fan-made games but they are mostly so advanced (when looking from my eyes) that it gets to confused.

So my simple question is: Do any of u have (or know where to find) a more "advanced" Template game that I could use to improve my skills ?


Kon-Tiki Check out my game Tryout. That's exactly what you're looking for ;) . Bug still has a bug, though. His wander should be under the if(set(f5)) {} ::) .
Get it here(go to the serious section)

Jocke The Beast Thanks alot! That's what I'v been looking for! I also tried your game "Pirate". Really nice one!
Phew! Now it's time to "dig-into" the unexplored world of Logics,variables and flags ;)

Broken Link If you want to learn more about logic etc.. than all you have to do is study other games. I learnt alot from looking at Dave's Quest (It had alot of the code I needed for what I wanted to do) and other more "complete" fan games.

I'm new here too, and I started with AGI about 6 months ago. I haven't really been working on any games since I lost interest for a couple months, but I've started to regain interest. The only game I made that came close to being finished was a really pointless game called Cruisin' AGI. All you do is drive around a city(Police Quest style).

P.S. When I login, it doesn't stay. When I go to a new thread after I login it thinks I'm a guest. Any help?
sonneveld try the direct link to mega-tokyo:


I think the .cjb link is a bit funny these days.

- Nick
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Jocke The Beast Ok, that's a good suggestion.
Can someone help me and name some of the more or less complete AGI-fan-games (besides Dave's Quest) made ?

Joel F@#! Quest, AGI Trek (I think also called Space Trek), Residence 44 Quest, URI Quest, Naturette, Naturette 2, Sergei's Destiny, Space Quest: The Lost Chapter...that's all I can think of off the top of my head, but there may be others.
Jocke The Beast Thanks! I'll go and download right away :)
By the way, I just tried the AGI-fan-made-game called "Corpse Demo 1.1" (or something like that). It was great! Cool that it's possible to add driving-features (like the ones in Police Quest 1) in a fanmade AGI game.
Xqzzy Rcxmcq Another good way to learn AGI is to look at a Sierra AGI game. You can figure out a lot of things if you just look at the code. But sometimes Sierra did things a bit different :)
CESS.tk Don't forget the Tex McPhilip games!
Sidrious play Hi there!

I got 60+ AGI Games (all SIERRA-AGIGames included), and want to create my own. I downloaded the LINUX AGI Studio, hmm ::) , about 2 years ago. If i look the codes of a game and want to put the same in my, it won't work:

!!Wearing mask, Object on screen, and get the object, NPC.....and many more!!

So please, can someone of you create me a template game, wich contains:

1. All the usual prios. (black --> can't walk trough etc.)
2. " " " logics. (NPC, objects, door etc.)
3. And what i forgot.

Jocke The Beast Doesn't the "Template" game do that stuff?

Well, I'm in the same position as you (a rookie-newbie)! I think the hardest part is to make pics but I also get confused by all the flags,variables and stuffs. Good luck!
Sidrious play The template game tells me nothing...anymore...

What about object? Do the template game tell anything about that?

Or Prios.? There are no prios in the template.

NPC's, how to get points, door etc., nothing!

The template is no help for me... :(
Jocke The Beast Ok, I know what you mean (I'm quite bad at all thoose things myself).

Kon-Tiki has made a game called "Tryout" (which is a upgraded Template-game with priorities and npc's and objects). Check his site out and grab one copy :)

Sidrious play I tried to put a object in my room. Like TryOut...

What happend? Nothing! >:(


Please, help me!
Zonkie Okay, first of all, but I guess you know, you can't copy code directly from another game because that game will use different flags, variables, object names, views, pictures etc... You can have a look at how it does things and try to do the same things so it fits into your game, but don't just copy them.

Secondly, there are many aspects about objects, and we can't know what you did wrong without seeing the source, we can only guess. I would guess that either animate.obj(); is not before the other object commands, that the object is not drawn, that you missed out an important command for objects or that you gave it a wrong view/loop/cell number, but that would give an error message.

There is no game that tells you everything, but there are lots of good tutorials out there about individual things. There is a series of three tutorials only on backgrounds, priorities and control lines which is very easy to follow. Read as many tutorials as possible. Also work through the tutorials at http://members.ozemail.com.au/~ptrkelly/agi/docs/index.html using the tutorial game. If you work through the tutorials, you will know all the basics about doors, items, priorities, control lines. Really work through those!

About score, there are two variables that control the scores, you can set them to the values you like. You find their numbers in the help file in the variables section. Just set the value of the maximum points variable just before the intro, and increase the other variable whenever you want the player to get points.
Andrew_Baker Step 1 : RTFM!!! Not to be crude or anything ;D, but Chris Cromer wrote a rather excellent help document that should accompany AGIStudio. Go to "help" in the menu bar and read it... read the whole thing. There aren't that many functions to remember, and it has a lovely index. Moreover, all of the topics and how to do everything in AGI is discussed in an easy to read format.

Step 2 : Take a look at the file "defines.txt". This should clue you in on what a lot of these variables and flags mean.

Step 3 : ???

Step 4 : Profit!
Andrew_Baker wrote:

Step 3 : ???

Step 4 : Profit!

AARH!! They're taking my underpants! ;D
Sidrious play Thanks for all!

Hmm...how do i start now? I know, i start to read some helpful tutorials...

Thanks! :)
Andrew_Baker Ah! I just remembered Step 3: Write a story/ Create a world.

It will be much easier for you to learn how to program if you have an idea of what you want to do. Say you want to make a medieval game or what not. Then you know you'll want to design a castle, perhaps. Well, say you want a working drawbridge. All right then, break up that problem into the animations and code it will take to make the switch, the moving drawbridge, blocks so the ego can't cross the moat while the bridge is up, etc. You'll want to plan out your game first, because you'll then be able to break up each task into a group of smaller problems. Plus, you'll then have a clear set of goals to accomplish and will always have a good idea of your progress.

VG should have taken only have as much time, but I didn't plan out before I began coding. Next time, I will be much wiser... I hope ;D