a new agi chat.

Robin_Gravel Hi folks.

I begin to use this new agi chat. It's less buggy than
the first agi chat. I'll be there.


The old agi chat. I stopped use it.
AGI1122 Actually you have it backwards the launch one is the old irc chat which has been around since way before mine was up.
AGI1122 Alright people have complained about the chat room being slow and I found the problem. There was about 3000 messages in the messages table...

Anyway, I made a script that clears out messages older than 24 hours. If it ever gets slow again just go to http://www.agigames.com/chat/clear.php and it will speed up the chat and clear out the messages... after you clear it you might want to logout of the chat then log back in and you will see that all old messages where erased.
Mike Haley You actually shouldn't use the IRC chat from Chris's site that much. It really bogs down the server. Just use the PHP chat and run the clearing script every now and then. Chris said that when he finishes his new message board he will write a chat from scratch. That will be a lot better for everybody to use once he gets around to making it. In the meantime it would just be best to use the PHP chat. We don't want to bring Chris's site to a hault by using the IRC chat too much.
Decrepit Old Man Now you start using the AGI chat room. Christ.
There's absolutely nothing wrong with the AGI chat if you use mIRC or another IRC client. MIRC can be downloaded from www.mirc.co.uk or www.mirc.com... I think both work... it works better for IRC than any java client. Just remember to connect to a DALnet server if you want to use #AGI.
AGI1122 I never said anything was wrong with the irc chat room, I just don't want everyone using the cgi irc program on my site because the more people that use it, it really boggs my server down(because the irc program runs from my server). I don't care if a few people use the cgi irc I set up, but I don't want there to be a ton of people using it. Remember I have limited bandwidth and am on a shared server, so stuff like irc programs do slow it down.
Robin_Gravel Hi Chris.

Does phpchat can be affected with the bandwidth limit?

The meeting chat is tomorrow 2h00 pm.

Why is your irc chat more limited than php chat on your site?

Robin Gravel
AGI1122 Well the cgi irc is more stressfull on my server than the php one because the cgi irc is having to send info back and forth from my server to the irc server and to the user. So it causes alot of load on my server to use the cgi irc. I don't care if a FEW people use it... but I don't want it to become where everybody uses it... You can use mIRC to connect to the chat room like was posted before.
smartguy240 I use trillian for the IRC room
AGI1122 I use trillian for the irc as well... infact, I was the one who showed you trillian. ::)
SGreenslade 2pm? I dunno if I can make it, guys. Depends on how long it lasts and if I can kick my father off the pc by that hour...
smartguy240 you did but i actually got the program after going to a freinds house that had trillian Quakii at my fourm...yes thank you... and stuff though chris... ::) :D
Oliver Why's it always empty. ???
AGI1122 It isn't always empty, you need to realize that we are all from different parts of the world so what might be the middle of the day for you could be the middle of the night for us and we could be asleep.

I usually have to wait till around 10 or 11 pm my time before anyone is in the chat.